Service Learning

Service Learning is a teaching and learning methodology that utilizes community service as a means of helping students gain a deeper academic understanding of course objectives, acquire new knowledge, and engage in civic activity. Service learning differs from community service and volunteerism. Service learning utilizes community service to achieve academic outcomes while community service and volunteerism may not have an explicit academic component.  

Bridgewater State is committed to providing faculty and students with opportunities to integrate meaningful teaching and learning experiences with community service. Service-learning opportunities are incorporated into designated classes as well as individual course assignments so that students can apply what they learn in the classroom in addressing real-life problems in the community. Students reflect on their service-learning experiences and how it teaches civic responsibility, cooperative team work and problem solving skills.

Service-learning is supported and promoted through the activities of the Service Learning Faculty Associates and an advisory board of faculty and staff. The faculty associates also coordinate efforts with the director of the Community Service Center and its staff, as well as provide teaching resources and information to all faculty.

To learn more about service-learning at Bridgewater State University, please contact the Service Learning Faculty Associate, Dr. Christy Lyons Graham, at or 508-531-2197.