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Dr. Laura McAlinden

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Virginia Smith

Department of Philosophy

Enabling Exploration

Skills such as critical thinking, careful analysis and thoughtful communication are foundational skills required for every profession – from politics to teaching, law, business and journalism. In the Department of Philosophy at Bridgewater State University, we rigorously prepare students for a wide range of career paths, enabling them to confidently navigate complex issues and perspectives and articulate themselves through sound, logical arguments.

Our faculty members are passionate thinkers who have published extensively. We are dedicated to helping students learn in a stimulating classroom environment. Our students explore the fundamental questions of life and the critical problems facing the world, and have the option to pursue their own research in a senior thesis. Our students complete our program well prepared to pursue graduate studies – nationwide, philosophy majors outperform business majors on the GMAT, and all other majors except math, physics and economics majors on the LSAT – or to begin successful careers in a range of professions, including journalism, teaching, law, medicine, public policy and government. The department offers a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, with a range of concentrations to fit students' interests.

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Aeon Skoble already saw in himself the very things that would lead him to a life in philosophy.

Dr. Justin Caouette, '08, returns to BSU where he was a first-generation college student.