Daniela Belice

Daniela Belice

Political Science and Sociology

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Weeks after an earthquake rocked her home in Haiti in 2010, an apprehensive Daniela Belice arrived in the United States without understanding English – or really, what to do next.

It's that experience and Bridgewater State University's environment of encouragement that has turned her consistent passion into a career path, according to the political science and sociology double major.

"Bridgewater gave me an opportunity to expand my horizons by providing rich learning opportunities and challenging me to produce creative work that I will carry on beyond my educational goal," said Daniela, who was honored with a scholarship award by Massachusetts Women in Public Higher Education. "Attending a public higher education institution such as Bridgewater has added value to my educational life."

The Brockton High graduate has volunteered with a litany of immigration-centric organizations and programs, written research papers on deportation and detention of parents of United States Citizens, and focused her Honors Program work on also on immigrants' contributions to the health care sector.

While Daniela is the first in her family to attend college, she won't be the last: Her younger brother has been accepted by Bridgewater and plans to study criminal justice. "Bridgewater serves a lot of communities and you don't know who needs what if [immigrants] aren’t always open to talk about it," said Daniela, who is adding to her skill set by minoring in Spanish as well as Civic Education. "I want to work with immigrants such as migrant workers, asylum seekers, detainees and children. This is the work I’m interested in doing. I want to become a helper."