BSU Dictionary


Academic Advisor - An individual assigned/selected to help a student plan their course of study 

Blackboard - Provides web space for course resources and activities, assignment submissions, gradebook and more  

BSU mobile app - Features student services including courses, cancellations, safety, dining halls, events, holds, ebill, bus tracker, connect card, smart parking and more 

Credits - Units a school uses to indicate if a student has completed and passed courses required for a degree. Each school defines the total number and type required for graduation. 

DegreeWorks - Tool that assists students to track graduation process, academic requirements, GPA, advisor information and more 

Double Major - A program of study allowing a student to complete the course requirements for two majors at the same time.  

Drop - To withdraw from a course.   

Electives - Courses students can choose to take for credit toward a degree but are not required.  

Grade Point Average (GPA) - a number showing overall academic performance and is often used to determine eligibility for ongoing scholarships and grants 

Infobear - Houses personal information, financial aid, academic records, and more 

Registrar - The college official who registers students, keeps and maintains students’ files. 

Registration - The process in which students choose and enroll in courses 

Transcript - A student’s official record of his or her coursework at a school or college 

Financial Terms

Dependent Student - Dependent students report their parent(s) income on the FAFSA and this is calculated when the Federal Government determines the amount of aid provided. Learn more about independent/dependent status at  

Entrance Counseling - A mandatory information session which takes place before a student receives their first federal student loan that explains their responsibilities and rights as a student borrower.  

Federal Pell Grant - A federal grant for undergraduate students with financial need. Grants are financial aid – often based on a student’s demonstrated financial need – that do not need to be repaid.  

Federal School Code - An identifier the U.S. Department of Education assigns to each college or career school that participates in the federal student aid programs. Students need the school code to send their FAFSA info to the school- BSU's code is 002183   

Federal Student Loan - A loan funded by the federal government to help pay for students’ education that a student must repay with interest   

Federal Work-Study - A program providing part-time employment to students while they are enrolled in school to help pay for their education expenses  

Internship - An experience allowing students to work in a professional environment to gain training and skills.

Dining Halls

Bear’s - Bear’s Den  

Crim - Crimson Dining Hall 

ECC - East Campus Commons 

Tilly - Flynn Dining Hall (Tillinghast Hall)  

Buildings on Campus

DMF - Dana Mohler-Faria Science and Mathematics Center  

RCC - Rondileau Campus Center 

Shea Durg - Shea and Durgin Residence Halls  

Residence Life and Housing

AC - Area Coordinator  

ISO - Institutional Security Officer  

RA - Resident Assistant  

RD - Resident Director 

RLC - Residential Learning Community  

ResLife/RLH - Residence Life and Housing 

SS0 - Student Security Officer  

Student Organizations

PC- Program Council 

RHA- Residence Hall Association 

SGA - Student Government Association  

Campus Departments

AAC - Academic Achievement Center 

CMA - Center for Multicultural Affairs 

DRO - Disability Resources Office 

IT - Information Technology  

MRISJ - Martin Richard Institute for social Justice  

NSFP - New Student & Family Programs  

OID - Office of Institutional Diversity  

OSIL - Office of Student Involvement & Leadership  

UE - University Events