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Residence Life and Housing

Spring 2020 Housing Deposits

Now accepting housing deposits for Spring 2020! Housing open to all enrolled students, including graduate and continuing education students.

Bridgewater State is a great place to live and learn! We're dedicated to helping make your transition to living in the residence halls as smooth and successful as possible. There are a host of exciting opportunities and benefits of being part of our on-campus community, and we're here to make sure you take advantage of them all.

Our Residence Halls

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Top 10 Reasons to Live on Campus!

  1. STUDENT SUCCESS—When you live on campus you have better access to academic supports, from meeting with professors to taking advantage of the Academic Achievement Center and other resources!
  2. SAFETY—With facilities on-call 24/7 and BSU Residential Safety and Student Security Officers located in residential buildings, you can take solace knowing help is there when you need it, any time of day and night.
  3. COMARADERIE—You live alongside folks and create long-lasting friendships you might not have otherwise. With activities always happening, it’s easy to get a group together to participate.
  4. ALL-INCLUSIVE—You don’t have to worry about being late with the utility bill, because it’s all included and you never have to cook thanks to customized meal plans. The ResNet all-in-one communications package is hard to beat, offering one of the best cable packages around that includes specialized technical support and innovative services.
  5. NO PARKING HASSLES—Finding a parking spot on any college campus is often a challenge. Instead of circling the campus behind the wheel of a car, you can walk, or better yet take a free bus offered through BSU’s Transit Service.
  6. GROWTH—Living on campus helps you develop social and independent living skills that you'll utilize in the "real-world."
  7. TRAVEL LIGHT—Instead of dragging everything around campus with you, you can drop your belongings off in your room between classes.
  8. SLEEP IN—Feel free to hit the snooze button and still make it to class on time.
  9. CONNECTION—Students who live on campus say it’s easier to create a closer connection to the institution that fosters a sense of school pride.
  10. CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS—Best of all, you increase your chances of running into President Fred Clark!

The Benefits of BSU Life

The On-Campus Community

Resident students have the opportunity to make the most of their university experience in an environment with easy access to campus resources.

Living on campus is an important part of your social and academic growth. Research has shown that students who live on campus are more satisfied with their overall experience, perform better academically and graduate at higher rates.

We support a community based on individual responsibility, where there is an appreciation of individual differences and a respect for individual rights. Residence Life and Housing staff work to enhance student interactions, community development and leadership by offering a variety of programs, services and opportunities.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Bridgewater offers students the opportunity to live with other students regardless of their assigned gender, gender identity or expression. For more information, visit the gender inclusive housing page.

A Living and Learning Experience

You will learn a great deal outside of the classroom. The residence hall staff fosters learning through floor meetings, educational and social programs and daily interactions with residents. You are encouraged to be an active and contributing member of your community.

Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide students with the opportunity to live among others with similar interests and academic focuses. Students who choose to live in a learning community benefit from targeted programming and access to resources that will help them become more successful while at the university. Living in an LLC affords students the chance to connect their academic goals with their cocurricular interests. The staff in Residence Life and Housing partners with faculty to create a true living and learning environment conveniently located in a residence hall community.

First-Year Honors Living Learning Community

This LLC gives the students the distinct advantage of connecting with the honors faculty who support the program. The LLC provides first-year honors students the opportunity to live among other budding scholars in a setting that complements the student-learning process outside of the classroom.

Community Engagement Living Learning Community

This LLC provides students with a supportive environment as they explore important social issues and injustices through the lens of community engagement. Students engage in activities and discussions designed to develop their understanding of the different ways they can actively participate in their communities and become agents of positive social change.

Lavender Living Learning Community

This LLC provides LGBTQ+ (includes but not limited to asexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian, non-binary, pansexual, transgender, two-spirit, queer, questioning and ally) students with safe and consistent spaces to build community, foster identity development and increase knowledge of LGBTQ+ topics and scholarship.

Music Living Learning Community

This LLC provides music majors and minors a safe environment where students can write, arrange, and perform music while being supported by colleagues and mentors. The LLC also provides assistance and tutoring for students enrolled in our music theory sequence.

Science and Mathematics Living Learning Community

In partnership with the Bartlett College of Science and Mathematics, this LLC provides support, networking, and community-building opportunities to students majoring in or interested in biology, chemistry, computer science, earth science, geography, mathematics and physics.

Sustainability Living Learning Community

This LLC brings together students interested in fostering sustainability with faculty and staff at the university who share their interest and can collaborate on issues and projects that will make the BSU community more sustainable. The LLC helps students develop their own projects to help change campus culture- especially among their fellow students- by identifying and implementing projects that will have the greatest impact on sustainability.

Resources for Residential Students

Residence Life and Housing Staff

The Office of Residence Life and Housing, comprised of full-time professional and administrative staff in addition to part-time student employees, responds to the needs of the resident population. Area Coordinators (ACs) and Resident Directors (RDs) are full-time, live-in professional staff members trained to deal with issues of student life and residence hall administration. ACs and RDs are responsible for the quality of life in their assigned area and supervise a student staff of resident assistants. Resident Assistants (RAs) are students chosen for their leadership and interpersonal skills. RAs live in the halls and provide support on a variety of subjects ranging from personal and academic concerns to conflict mediation and program implementation. At least one RA is on duty in each residence hall every evening from 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. the next day.

TV, Cable and Wi-Fi Services

ResNet services include internet, printers, cable TV as well as movie streaming. BSU offers 100% wireless coverage in all residence halls, classrooms and administrative buildings.

ResNet provides resident students a customized Comcast cable TV service. Our programming of 125+ HD channels include HBO, sports channels and many other favorites. A digital TV with a QAM tuner is required.

Stream movies and TV! ResNet Cinema allows students on-campus to stream newly released movies through our on-demand website, as well as on BSU cable TV channels. 

Residential Security

All residence halls are locked at all times. Access is monitored 16 hours a day from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. by full-time Institutional Security Officers (ISOs) at Shea, Durgin, Woodward, Pope, Scott Halls and the Great Hill Student Apartments. Student Security Officers (SSOs) work at the entrance of all other halls from 5 p.m. - 2 a.m. Security staff register guests and ensure community safety.


Resident students with 24-plus earned credits are allowed to have vehicles on campus. Every motor vehicle parked on campus must have a valid decal or temporary pass. For more information contact the Parking Services and Connect Card Office at 508.531.2897

Connect Card

The Connect Card is the official Bridgewater State University identification card and a convenient method to access a wide range of services on campus. It can be used in dining halls for your meal plan and as a debit card on and off-campus with participating merchants. The Connect Card is the university library card and is used to control access to residence halls.


BSU transit offers free and continuous on-campus transportation of the BSU community.

Tobacco Free Policy

Smoking and tobacco use is prohibited on all university property.

Wellness Center

The BSU Wellness Center, located in Weygand Hall, provides medical and mental health services to all students. The clinic provides walk-in and scheduled counseling appointments; scheduled health service appointments; and diagnostic tests for streptococcus and mononucleosis, among other conditions.