The University

Bridgewater State University has high expectations – of our students, our region and the institution itself. Our goal is to provide outstanding growth opportunities and learning experiences that will transform lives.

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Speaker 1: Transferring to Bridgewater was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I really had no idea what this place had to offer me.

Speaker 2: I am very glad that I came to Bridgewater State University. Choosing a topic that truly interests you is one of the biggest opportunities here. Without that bond, without the ability to openly ask questions and have a discussion, you sort of lose that, but here that's welcomed.

Speaker 3: The commitment to social justice is definitely at Bridgewater. It's the main reason why I chose to go there for my master's program. They're all about diversity. They are about advocating and challenging the social injustices that are happening in this world.

Expect more.
Since its founding in 1840, Bridgewater State has remained steadfast in its commitment to empower individuals and instill in its community an abiding desire to advance the public good. Our rigorous and dynamic academic environment encourages students and faculty to develop their strengths and become leaders in their fields. At the same time, we strive to lead by example. As the university continues to build momentum, we continuously reinvest in the success of our students and our region.
94% full time faculty hold doctorates or other terminal degrees